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Chefs from Spain. Unique in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Chefs from Spain.

Are you looking for a chef or other hospitality staff? You are not the only one. Our industry has an incredible number of vacancies, especially in the kitchen. Searching for a cook is like searching for a pin in a haystack. Meanwhile “Chefs from Spain”, has provided dozens of companies with foreign cooks with a very good education, excellent mentality, and pleasant work attitude. Colleagues who are proud of their profession and are willing to move to the Netherlands.

Chefs from Spain brings together cooks and other hospitality staff and companies from Europe. Ambitious professionals looking for a new challenge and catering companies looking for passionate employees with a good education and looking beyond national borders. Simply because many well-qualified employees and trainees in Southern Europe would like to gain experience and don’t know how to make the step abroad.

With the shortages on the labor market in Northern Europe, Chefs from Spain ensures that these professionals see your vacancy(s) and can easily respond. By becoming a member you also get access to the CV’s in the file. Candidates can be approached after signing up for a subscription and after that, you will organize the application procedure yourself. We also post your vacancy on our Spanish Facebook and Instagram page with more than 10,000 potential candidates and a messaging reach of more than 100,000 per month.

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