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How it works

How does Chefs from Spain work? 

In Northern Europe we have a great shortage of skilled Hospitality staff. Chefs from Spain is a platform where you, as a subscriber, get direct access to our complete CV database. We translate the CVs of candidates into Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

Everything starts with a subscription. Then you can immediately create a full profile page and post your vacancies there as often as you like. We will post your vacancy(s) to our Spanish Facebook and Instagram pages with more than 10,000 potential candidates and a message reach of more than 150,000 per month.


We are looking for the candidate

Chefs from Spain does the pre-selection and finds the right candidate to fit your vacancy. After an extensive selection, interviews and a reference check, you receive the candidate’s CV, get to know them and do a final interview.

Contact with the candidate is via e-mail, WhatsApp video or Skype. You organise the application procedure yourself and with today’s means of communication this is very simple.

The candidate pays his/her own flight and for any assistance with translating messages, please visit


Living space 

The entrepreneur provides furnished accommodation, which may be charged on up to 30% of the net salary. He also provides transport to and from the workplace (e.g. bicycle, train or public transport).


Bank account and health insurance

The employee provides an original International birth certificate for the application of a social security number. He needs this to open a bank account number and take out health insurance.



As an employer, you are responsible for the payment of the salary. Chefs from Spain is not a temporary employment agency and works very transparently. When a candidate enters employment, you pay us 1 gross monthly salary as a mediation fee.



If you want to use our services, we first ask you to take out a subscription. You will then be able to post your vacancies immediately and we will be fully aware of the cost of living, salary and other contractual conditions (full-time employment). We will also immediately start proactively recruiting candidates. We will do this both in person and through our social media channels.

The cost of membership is only €499.00 plus 21% VAT per year. This allows you to post an unlimited number of vacancies and we will immediately start working to find the right candidate.
Our service does not stop when you take out a subscription. We are only satisfied when you are!


No cure, no pay

Chefs from Spain works honestly and transparently. If we do not find a suitable candidate within 8 weeks, we will refund your subscription fees. We are convinced that we will find the right candidate for you. Often even faster than the maximum time we apply.


Chefs from Spain in brief:

  • Your own profile page with your vacancies;
  • Access to relevant CVs;
  • 10,000 potential candidates;
  • A message range of more than 150,000 per month;
  • Placement and translation of your vacancy(s);
  • Personal support and customisation;
  • Fair prices and a transparent way of working;
  • The right candidate within a maximum of 8 weeks:
  • No cure, no pay!


Do you have any questions? 

Do you still have questions or do you need help? Your regular contact person will be happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!