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Chefs from Spain

Recruitment of employees from Spain for hotel and gastronomy

The number of vacancies has been breaking all records for months. The demand for workers is high and companies are having more and more problems finding suitable staff. They suffer from a loss of turnover because it takes a long time to fill a vacancy.

Since 2018, Chefs from Spain has been mediating between chefs (and other hospitality workers) and companies in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The candidates come from Spain and they are passionate employees with a good education, good English skills, an excellent mentality and a pleasant work attitude.


Cook wanted? We will find the right candidate!

Are you looking for a cook, waiter, housekeeping staff or other hospitality employee? Ambitious professionals looking for a new challenge? Chefs from Spain is your partner in the recruitment of professionals from Spain.

Spain offers a large number of excellently trained chefs and service staff. Spanish professionals are very popular with guests because of their cordiality and service orientation!

A requirement for the placement is that these persons speak good English so that communication is not a problem.


Finding a cook is not difficult

Chefs from Spain has been successful in filling difficult positions in the hospitality industry for years. Whether you are looking for a chef or a bartender, we always find the right candidate. Dozens of companies in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium, have gone before you.

Challenge us, start with a subscription and experience our personal approach. Because that’s how we work! You don’t have to do everything yourself. We support you where possible and work with you to find the right match.

Chefs from Spain finds the right candidate within a maximum of 8 weeks, but often much faster! We work quickly, fairly and transparently: No cure, no pay.

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