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Welcome to Chefs from Spain

In Northern Europe, we have a large shortage of skilled Hospitality staff. Our website is a platform where you as a member can access our complete CV file. The CVs of candidates are translated into Dutch, English, German and Spanish. We will also post your vacancy on our Spanish facebook page with more than 9700 potential candidates and Instagram.

You can post a vacancy that we will automatically translate into Spanish, English and German for you.

Motivated and well-trained chefs, staff service, interns and housekeeping are part of our database. For this, you will receive all relevant information about Chefs from Spain such as:

Access to the website.
Post your vacancy
How to deal with living.
Request social security number.

Membership costs € 499,00 excluding 21% VAT per year. You will receive 12 credits with which you can automatically retrieve the personal details of the candidate. When you see an interesting CV, you have the opportunity to request the data. If the candidate is also interested in working in your company, there is a match, this will cost you 1 credit.